"You ripped my heart out, but I still smiled and tried to be okay for you."


"You ripped my heart out, but I still smiled and tried to be okay for you."

So, Slenderman, if you've slept recently (if you even need to cause heck if I know), have you had any nsfw dreams about a certain girl *wiggles eyebrows*

"I do not sleep. And.. Nsfw dreams? Certain girl? I no longer have someone like that in my life."


wow they really did adapt frozen well

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Kate, do you want to go on an adventure away from Slendy?

"Of course I’d like to, but see he does this thing constantly where he’ll never leave me alone. It prevents nice adventures from happening."

Its TMI tuesday guys. Ask either the muses or the mod very nosy questions.


you ever just want to hold a character

cradle their head in your hands

speak in a soothingly quiet sort of voice

"you deserve so much more

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The hoodie Childrens by Chibitinna
Imagine Dragons - Monster
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song of the day: monster - imagine dragons

'if I told you what I was would you turn your back on me?
and if I seem dangerous would you be scared?
I get the feeling just because everything I touch isn’t dark enough,
that this problem lies in me…

I’m only a man with a candle to guide me,
I’ve taken a stand to escape what’s inside me
a monster, a monster, I’ve turned into a monster
a monster, a monster, and it keeps getting stronger.’

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Springby PSlenDy-don’t remove the source-


Springby PSlenDy
-don’t remove the source-

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CR stands for Captain Righteous and no one can convince me otherwise.